Pastoral Council

An advisory committee to assist the pastor in the pastoral needs of the parish. The term of service is three years. At the present time those who serve are appointed by the pastor and are Brandon and Brittany Diegel, Paul and Angela Gallagher, Flora Aguirre-Diaz. For more info, call  303-659-1410.

Finance Council

The Finance Council is required by Canon Law. Each parish has this council to oversee the finances of the parish. Committee members: Bob Heumann, Antonio Ledezma, Laura Lucero, and Ken Anderson, and Karleen Rathmann.  Committee members are appointed by the pastor. For more info, call the Parish Office

Liturgy Committee

Comprised of the pastor and a facilitator from each of the liturgical ministries. The liturgical ministries are music ministers, ushers, proclaimers, altar servers, art & environment, extraordinary ministers Holy Communion, ministers to the sick and homebound, and Spanish ministries. The liturgy committee is responsible of educating the parish and guiding it in a communal prayer life and liturgies of the parish community through guidelines put forth by the church. For more info, call the office at 303-659-1410.