Knights of Columbus (KOC)

KOC is a Catholic, international, family fraternal organization that provides services to the church, community, council, family and youth. Meetings are at 7:30 PM on the first and third Thursdays of the month at the Columbian Home Event Center at 11th and Bridge. For membership or council information, call Grand Knight, Jim Albany 303-287-9332. For hall rental, call Jim Herrera at 303-659-0661.

Columbian Squires

The youth branch of the Knights of Columbus. It is a leadership development program for Catholic young men between the ages of 10-18. Squires run their own meetings and plan athletic, social, spiritual and community events. For more information or to join the Squires, call Antonio Lucero at 303-637-7848.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA) – Court Daughters of St. Monica #2743

The purpose of CDA is to participate in the religious, charitable and educational Apostolates of the Church. CDA engages in creative and spiritual programs which provide its members the opportunity to develop their God-given talents that positively influence the welfare of the Church. Meetings are at the Columbian Home Event Center at 11th and Bridge on the first Monday of each month.  The rosary starts at 6:00 pm and the meeting starts at 6:30 pm.  For membership, call Jenette Aguilar at 303-519-6499 or June Serrano at 720-350-5422.


Heavenly Dusters

A ministry that cleans the altar and sanctuary of the church on a weekly basis. To become involved in this ministry, please call Angie Montoya at 303-659-1680 or Maria Saenz at 303-659-1410.

Holy Family Society

The Holy Family Society holds an annual nine-day novena, a Mass in honor of the Holy Family, and a potluck dinner. Members rotate sharing a small chapel statuette of the Holy Family. Special prayers are said in each home hosting the statuette. Monthly donations to the Holy Family Society are sent to the seminarians of the Archdiocese of Denver. For more information, call Priscilla Trujillo at 303-659-7441.

Jail Ministry

Conducts communion services at the Adams County Detention Center on Wednesday evenings. For more information, call Steve Kurz at 303-916-3635.

Laundering of Altar Linens

A ministry that cleans altar linens, including pacificators, finger towels, ablution towels and corporals. These are picked up, washed and ironed weekly. For more information, call Mary Kohlbeck at 720-685-0466.

Offertory Counters

Offertory counters are made up of teams of parishioners who count and process the offertory collection every Sunday. Four teams rotate on a monthly basis. Counting requires accuracy and teamwork. For more information, call Rick Drury 303-659-9271.

Parish Festival

The parish festival is held annually in August. This is the largest single activity in the parish. Many volunteers with all kinds of abilities are needed for a successful festival. For information or to help, please call the office.

People of Bethany

Assists families who have lost a loved one by serving at lunches after funeral Masses. For more information, call Nena DelVillar at 720-982-5422.

Pro-Life Ministry

Call Karen Carlson at 303-655-0555 or Anna Vargas (Spanish speaking) at 303-883-3274 for more information.

St. Augustine Food Pantry

Located at 129 S. 6th Ave. Hours of operation are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Donations are always welcome. Cash donations provide an opportunity to purchase items needed. For more information, call 303-654-1040.

St. Joseph Society

Meets twice a year at the parish center. In March, the society prays a novena for nine days. This novena leads up to a Mass in honor of St. Joseph. This Mass is followed by a pot luck lunch. For more information, contact Pauline Rivera 303-427-5351.